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Vote No on Local Referendum 1: The GRU AUTHORITY

On June 6, 2017 Governor Rick Scott signed a bill pushed by local and statewide special interests to take governance of our utility, Gainesville Regional Utilities, away from citizens and their elected commission, instead governed by a “GRU Authority”. The GRU Authority would be appointed by politicians, not answerable to the citizens of Gainesville, and could write their own ethics laws. On November 6 Gainesville voters have the chance to pass or defeat the bill, titled “Local Referendum 1”. We are a coalition of concerned citizens who are against this takeover of our local utility.


Currently, the citizens of Gainesville elect representatives that oversee GRU. The GRU Authority would be appointed by politicians, and could do anything they want without oversight. This unelected board could only be removed for cause, allowing them to make almost any decision they see fit.



The GRU Authority has “broad power” to control GRU as it sees fit, far beyond what the Commission currently can. These political appointees could raise your rates, cut environmental protections, hurt low-income energy users, cut support for first responders, and the citizens of Gainesville have no way to stop it.


Ethically Challenged

The GRU Authority is given special powers to write their own ethics rules, with no oversight from the citizens of Gainesville. Political appointee boards like these have been hotbeds of corruption in other areas, with public money spent on insider deals and political favors.

Broad opposition to this bill
National Association for the Advancement of

Colored People

International Association of

Fire Fighters

Gainesville Citizens for

Active Transportation

And the entire city commission, including:
Mayor Lauren Poe
Comm. Helen Warren
Comm. Gail Johnson
Comm. Harvey Ward
Comm. David Arreola
Comm. Adrian Hayes-Santos
Comm. Gigi Simmons

Rep. Clovis Watson

“In this bill we’d be surrendering all local control.”

Comm. Adrian Hayes-Santos

If Gainesville citizens want faster, cheaper, and more reliable internet options, they should oppose this resolution.

Mary Von

Sierra Club President

Our utility

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